In the modern world there is an emphasis on how we can apply our mental faculties to progress and influence our well-being. It's not surprising, therefore, that so often we neglect our bodies and their role in creating and maintaining valuable habits that our well-being requires. At Mind-Reframed we trust that the body-mind methods and healing modalities that we offer can inspire you to get to know, accept and befriend your body and mind as they are right now, so that you can fully experience clarity and radiant emotional and physical health.


Mindfulness is a gentle and progressive form of mind training that has been effectively applied to various aspects of human experience, such as emotional well-being, stress reduction and personal development. As humans we often spend so much time in our heads worrying, ruminating or acting automatically that we lose touch with the present moment. Mindfulness is a crucial life skill that helps us deal with the tangle of thoughts and emotions we all experience in our daily lives and enables us to connect with our bodies and senses through which life is experienced. Mindfulness practices help us see more clearly the patterns of the mind and thus relate to the world and to ourselves as we really are with acceptance rather than through the distorted lenses of judgements.

Mindful Movement, Yoga and Pilates

In any forms of mindful movement, listening to our bodies is emphasised to deepen the awareness of how the body not only holds on to but also releases tension and blocks. Yoga provides excellent tools to enhance our sense of embodiment and presence in the here and now. The sessions, either individual or in a group, are led in the spirit of nurturing and respecting our limits rather than striving or competition. The sessions will introduce you to the yogic breathing techniques, such as Pranayama, to calm the mind, promote clarity of thought and reduce stress and anxiety, and Yoga poses (asana), which promote balance, strength and flexibility. Pilates is another form of body conditioning based on the fusion of body and mind, which is proven to result in improved posture, flexibility, strength and the transformation of the way a person's body feels, looks and performs. Pilates exercises will not only strengthen weak muscles, but also elongate muscles that tend to be tight resulting in improved joint mobility, muscle elasticity and overall body balance. Through awareness and practice of centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flow you can experience a dramatic whole-body transformation.

Equine-Assisted Learning

The use of horses within therapy and education can be traced back to early 1950s. Their ability to read human emotion and their inherent honesty is perhaps why we look to them in times of distress. Horses are particularly well known for their ability to foster therapeutic change, both physically and emotionally. Used to help with a variety of issues from addiction to low self-esteem or post-traumatic stress disorder horse-assisted therapy is becoming a useful tool for people seeking to work with deeper layers of their own minds and bodily memory. Horses are considered to provide scope for behavioural change in children and adults with various psychiatric diagnoses, such as autism or learning disabilities, and often facilitate profound emotional processing and increase in personal insight.

Embodied Movement

Embodied Movement, also known as Creative Movement, is an umbrella term for body-mind practices that tap into yoga, mindfulness, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong, and performance and theatre. The threads that make these practices really effective can be applied to different forms of physical movement. Therefore, it is through body practices that we get to experience the richness and dimensionality that allow changes in our physical health and wellbeing (such toning up, improved posture or weight loss) as well as changes in energetic and emotional patterns. Embodied movement sessions can lead to the integration of all layers of your being: physical, emotional and energetic, whilst enhancing your ability to be in the present moment and opening up to your creative flow. The sessions are particularly helpful to those who are looking for a boost in confidence, and to those who would like to, through creative channels, explore issues or difficulties they are going through. Embodied movement sessions can also be of interest to those wanting to gain practical knowledge of the artistic and creative potential intrinsic to their body and voice.

Sound Attunement

Sound attunement sessions, through playing various instruments, help us to slide into our individual core, our centre from which we can release ourselves from the divisive, negative beliefs and mental concepts that we might hold about ourselves and life in general. From this point we can create lives that are more tuned to the frequencies that serve us and those around us. Benefits of sound attunement are many and can include: balancing of both hemispheres of the brain; discharge of suppressed emotions; deep relaxation which can support recovery after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments; improved sleep; increase in creativity, intuition and motivation; self-regeneration and harmonising of emotions; and stress reduction and profound soothing.

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

Lomi Lomi Nui is a more than a massage. It is a Hawaiian type of bodywork which was originally performed by the 'kahunas' (masters) in their 'heiau' (temple) to transform and balance all aspects of self. Lomi Lomi Nui facilitates a healing process that's been handed down through generations of Hawaiian families. It is a nurturing experience that uses intuitive movement, stretching, breathing, rhythm and focused intention in long, flowing strokes up, down, under and over the body. Hands, elbows and forearms are used in dynamic, deep movements that mimic the ebb and flow of the ocean. In this transformative form of massage not only the physical but also the emotional body are worked on along with the subtle energies and emotions that influence them. Hawaiians believe that negative experiences that we accumulate throughout our daily lives can cause blockages in our ‘mana’ (life force or vitality) and can become trapped in muscles and joints. Working on the belief that memories are stored in individual cells of the body, the continuous strokes and traditional methods are designed to encourage the body to let go of worries, traumas or difficult emotional states that could be causing stress and strain. Some of the physical benefits of Lomi Lomi are release of muscular tension, better blood and lymph flow and elimination of toxic build-ups. In our experience Lomi Lomi Nui can deeply support the process of healing emotional wounds.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a process that can address specific personal circumstances, conditions and transitions in your personal life, relationships or profession by examining what obstacles you face and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be. The coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you as it's based on the understanding that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside. Our skills are about knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools and techniques to empower you to find those answers within yourself. Life coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life. It also support you in connecting your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life.