Corporate photo Work and personal life balance and their obligations, pressures and responsibilities are among the main causes of stress in today's world. There will always be aspects of our work that we find stressful or irritating at least some of the time. What matters is how we face them. Many employers have found that introducing mindfulness and wellbeing techniques to their staff can help in the reduction of stress in their professional and personal life as both are inextricably linked.

Mindfulness practices and emotional awareness can make major improvements in the quality of our lives regardless of what our job and personal circumstances are. The techniques we teach can put your employees in a position of greater balance with their work and personal lives. We are offering office-based introductory mindfulness, emotional intelligence and addiction awareness sessions as well as structured team building retreats, which can last anything from attendance at your office for half a day to several days’ residential offsite. The offsite retreats may be run on our favorite venue of the island of Gozo in Malta or other venues in the world.