Addressing trauma is not simply a rehashing of the past. It’s about learning the language of recovery, finding empowerment and taking steps to heal. You will learn to recognise what kind of butterfly effect occurred when traumatic events took place in your life and how these experiences have impacted on your brain, body and emotional processes, such as fear, shame or self-blame. Our accredited and highly experienced trauma therapists will draw from the three phase approach to treating trauma and dissociation. This psycho-education group is to assist you with the first phase of trauma treatment and is based on safety, stabilisation skills and education.

The group can be attended alongside your individual psychotherapy sessions or used as a programme prior to entering into individual trauma-based psychotherapy. After completing the group, individuals who are not in individual therapy will be offered an opportunity to discuss options for further individual therapy with the aim of processing the trauma and overcoming their symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Complex-PTSD.

What will I learn?

  • What is trauma
  • Impact of trauma on the brain and its functioning
  • How what we do keeps the brain locked in trauma response
  • Learning to stay safe in the moment
  • What leads to difficulty in managing safety when traumatised 
  • Learning to anticipate and breaking out of 'old brain patterns'
  • Toolbox and safety planning 
  • What is dissociation 
  • Patterns, urges and early warning signs 
  • Ways of identifying 'trauma time' 
  • Two screen approach 
  • Managing internal conflict and why it's there
  • Self-attack vs self-compassion
  • Sensory balance and flashbacks 
  • What are emotions and how to identify them
  • Window of tolerance
  • Shame and forgiveness
  • Trauma focused movement and why the body needs to be involved
  • Calming the body and mind

Where and When?

The next 8-week group is scheduled to begin on 16th April to 11th June 2019. The sessions will be held weekly on Tuesdays from 17:30 to 19:00 at Brighter Spaces, 2a Prebend Street, Islington, N1 8PT. The session will not be held on 28th May.


The fee is £80 per 90-minute session (8x£80=£640). To reserve the place 50% of the fee must be paid at the time of booking as a non-refundable deposit. The remaining part of the fee is due a week before the agreed start date.


To begin this process you will meet with one of the senior therapists to establish if this programme is suitable to your personal challenges. It is also possible to provide a referral letter from a psychiatrist or current therapist. Following the assessment you will be expected to commit to attending each of the eight sessions. The group fee is payable in advance and is not refundable. This includes sessions that are not attended, missed or cancelled.