At Mind-Reframed we successfully support people who face emotional and mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, addictions, self-harm, personality and eating disorders with a range of THERAPIES validated by extensive research. Our approach is founded on the key principles of effectiveness, compassion and relevance to your unique needs and we focus on applying all that we know and trust to be effective to help you live a fullfiling life.

We specialise in supporting people who are highly sensitive and experience their emotions more intensely than an average person. Our intensive programme in DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOUR THERAPY equips people living with borderline personality disorder and emotion regulation difficulties with robust skills to recognise and manage overwhelming emotions and impulsive behaviours. MENTALISATION-BASED TREATMENT is another twice weekly programme we offer which is of particular relevance to those who would like to identify and work through thinking and behavioural patterns of relating to themselves and others that no longer serve them.

We also provide RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING to couples wishing to regain and enhance their emotional intimacy and put into action more helpful ways of interacting and communicating. This can also be provided in the context of residential COUPLE RETREATS based on Emotionally Focused Therapy combined with unique transformational experiences.

Please browse our site for information about how you can benefit from our range of therapies or CONTACT US for a confidential discussion about the issues you are facing and how we may be able to assist.


We reach out to people who have endured various life challenges from anxiety, depression and addictions to relationship and personality problems, and who now want to learn new skills and embrace new ways of relating to themselves and others.
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Experiential travel opens doors to pause and replenish your inner resources. Reconnect with yourself in the most profound and heart-opening ways through meditation, yoga, massage, equine learning, and connecting deeply with people and surrounding nature.
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We provide talks, workshops and courses in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and mental health awareness, and team-building retreats for teams. Our unique solutions help improve team dynamics and increase focus and resilience among staff.
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Training & Consultancy

We provide training, including bespoke and in-house, to individual professionals and teams wishing to work effectively with clients living with personality difficulties. Our courses focus on the practical application of DBT principles in one to one and group settings.
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