At Mind-Reframed we provide individual and group psychological support ranging from counselling and psychotherapy to specialist and scientifically valid treatments, such as DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOUR THERAPY (DBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and clinically proven therapies for the treatment of trauma. We also offer RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING for couples wishing to regain and enhance their emotional intimacy, better understand their difficulties and put into place more effective ways of interacting and communicating. Our work is founded on the three key principles of effectiveness, compassion and relevance to our client's unique needs.

We successfully support people who experience emotional difficulties and mental health problems from anxiety and depression to addictions, self-harm, relationship and personality problems and mood and eating disorders. We work from locations across the city of London and thanks to the innovation of technology we also offer sessions online via SKYPE where distance or mobility get in the way.

We offer DBT CONSULTATION and bespoke training to therapists, teams and services that work with clients living with the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and other complex presentations. We specialise in the provision of mindfulness training and its application to various aspects of human experience, such as emotional well-being, stress reduction and personal development. We organise workshops and MINDFULNESS RETREATS for the general public, organisations and healthcare professionals.


We reach out to people who have endured various life challenges from anxiety, depression and addictions to relationship and personality problems, and who now want to learn new skills and embrace new ways of relating to themselves and others.
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Mindfulness can help you build resilience to physical and emotional pain, and be more engaged in life. Our offering includes individual mindfulness therapy, courses and retreats. We can also organise tailor-made events and retreats for your group!
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We provide office-based courses in mindfulness and emotional intelligence and run team-building retreats for companies and teams. Employers find that introducing mindfulness in the workplace reduces stress and increases focus and resilience.
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Training & Consultancy

We provide consultation to therapists, teams and services that work with clients living with personality disorders. We deliver in-house and bespoke courses on personality disorders, trauma, mindfulness and effective treatment strategies.
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