Mindfulness is a gentle and evidence-based form of mind training that has been effectively applied to various aspects of human experience, such as emotional well-being, stress reduction and personal development. Our passion for mindfulness comes from conviction that it has profound effects that can be demonstrated scientifically as well as from the changes we have experienced in our own lives as a result of regular practice.

As humans we often spend so much time in our heads worrying, ruminating or acting automatically that we lose touch with the present moment. Mindfulness is a crucial life skill that helps us deal with the tangle of thoughts and emotions we all experience in our daily lives. Mindfulness practices help us see more clearly the patterns of the mind and thus relate to the world and to ourselves as we really are rather than through the distorted lenses of judgements or assumptions.

When we're mindful we stay grounded in the present, rather than rehashing the past or pre-living the future. Practicing mindfulness regularly can lead to becoming more conscious and less judgmental of what you're feeling, more intentional about your behaviours and more aware of your impact on others. This allows for a greater sense of connection inwardly and outwardly. Mindfulness is also suitable if you're looking for more skillful ways of dealing with issues such as stress, low mood, sleep difficulties or pain.

"Mindfulness is waking up from a life lived on automatic pilot and based in habitual responding" ~ Dan Siegel

"Mindfulness helps us to be fully present in order to witness and to taste the joy of each moment very deeply" ~ Thich Nhat Hanh