We offer bespoke training in your locality, at your place of work or online internationally. We provide any of the courses listed below or a training tailored to the specific needs of your team. This includes introductory courses in supporting individuals diagnosed with emotion regulation difficulties and complex presentations whose struggles get described with the “borderline personality disorder” diagnosis. We also offer training in the application of various aspects of dialectical behaviour therapy in your specific setting. Please get in touch via if you would like to discuss these options further.


DBT FUNDAMENTALS: Introduction to Effective Strategies for Working with Clients Living with Emotion Regulation Difficulties (2 Days)

MINDFULNESS: Skills for Clinicians and How to Teach Clients

RELATIONSHIPS MATTER: Teaching Clients Skills in Interpersonal Effectiveness
(details to follow, please email us to express interest)

TOO INTENSE? Teaching Clients Emotion Regulation Skills
(details to follow, please email us to express interest)


“I have rarely enjoyed any other training in my 18 years in social care – yes, it may be informative but needs to be delivered by people with enthusiasm and passion. This hit the mark”Sue, Day Care Manager

“One of the most relevant courses I attended. I particularly enjoyed the journey exercise which explored how BPD gets formed from childhood into adulthood. The trainer is clearly highly knowledgeable and his ability to translate theory into practice kept me engaged throughout”Neil, Psychotherapist

“As a counsellor this presented me with lots of questions about directness, openness, the reflection of our own personality working with people with BPD. The course gave me insight into my own thoughts, assumptions and behaviours, and I feel that the better I know myself, the more effective my help may be”Sonal, Counsellor

“Thank you sharing with us so many innovative ways of looking at clinical care and supporting our clients more effectively. I’ll be applying this in practice when I’m back on the ward”Debbie, Mental Health Nurse

“Very engaging course. The content and presentation style got everyone contributing and participating in eye-opening discussions. It was great to have a service-user present as it helped me put what we were learning into context”Rachel, Psychologist

“The best thing that happened during the course for me was that a huge light was shone on working with clients with personality difficulties. We can all intellectualise about people’s suffering but it was refreshing to realise that for some clients the best results come from empowering them to deal with their issues practically, not spend the rest of their lives talking about them with perhaps little real change occurring”Eileen, Occupational Therapist