DBT Graduate Group

DBT Online class

Life can be hard and we all need reinforcement to continue living in ways that are aligned with our deepest values. The purpose of the graduate group is to maintain and deepen your understanding and embodiment of the DBT skills, to increase your motivation and establish a community of like-minded people to provide ongoing support for building a life worth living and keep your long-term goals on track. This group was designed for folks who have been through the DBT skills training, either within Mind-Reframed or elsewhere, and have demonstrated commitment to continue implementing the skills in their daily life.

When and Where?

This group meets monthly on the third Monday of each month between 6pm and 8pm online via Zoom. The sessions of the current cohort will take place on 18th March, 15th April, 20th May, 17th June, 15th July and 19th August 2024. This group is currently oversubscribed, however, if it is of interest to you please contact us. We will open another group when there is sufficient interest. 

If your goals revolve particularly around enhancing relationships you can also attend the advanced 10-week module called ‘Relationship Skills in Action’ which is open to DBT graduates. The next entry point is on Wednesday 19th June 2024 (6pm-7:30pm). You can find out more about it in the “What will i learn” section at www.mind-reframed.com/dbtskills.

What will I learn?

During this group we will go into more depth and expand on the DBT skills you previously learnt. It is a support group for clients who have completed stage 1 DBT skills programme and who want to continue to strengthen and generalize skills in managing emotions and challenges of daily living, with a special focus on the neuroscience of emotions, bringing stability and closeness to your most important relationships and increasing compassion towards yourself and others. The group is to help you to facilitate working towards your life worth living goals in areas such as emotional embodiment, work, education, relationships, spirituality, health, sobriety and however you define it.


The fee is £85 per live class (payable per six-month block).

DBT classes are designed to be intensive and interactive, not where you passively watch the screen. You can expect to be challenged by the didactics, demonstrations and discussions. The aim of this approach is to encourage you to use this coaching to help you maximise your use of the tools that you will be learning.


  • Please reserve the required time to ensure that you are not disturbed and can concentrate fully throughout the duration of the class.
  • For the best and most comfortable experience, attend the class on the computer or laptop instead of a mobile.
  • Have the camera switched on.
  • Make sure that all other programmes on your device are closed and that nothing can disrupt your internet connection.
  • Remain in a confidential space.