DBT Team

We are a team of DBT therapists from diverse clinical backgrounds who are all independent practitioners coming together to deliver the comprehensive DBT programme. Back in 2015 we were the first private London-based ‪team providing model-adherent DBT as designed by Dr Marsha Linehan. Since then we have supported over 500 clients. We share Dr Linehan’s vision to make compassionate and scientifically valid treatments available to people with complex emotional difficulties.

Our service specialises in the assessment and treatment of people with a history emotion dysregulation, trauma, impulsivity, unstable relationships, self-harm, dissociation, anxiety, chronic shame, guilt and disgust and feelings of emptiness. We work with difficulties which in the medical world get described with the diagnoses such as “borderline personality disorder”, “emotionally unstable personality disorder” or “complex post-traumatic stress disorder”. Treatment involves individual therapy, DBT skills group and access to phone skills coaching. To find out more about our DBT programme please visit the DBT Programme section.

Why you can have trust in our team’s work

  • Each of our team members have substantive years of clinical experience within specialist NHS and private services supporting individuals with severe emotion regulation difficulties and those who were given the diagnosis of BPD/EUPD (between 8 and 20 years). To find out more about our team members please visit the About us section.
  • Our training was with licensed providers of DBT training approved by the Linehan Institute Behavioral Tech and most of us also studied DBT at post-graduate level with Bangor University.
  • As we understand that many of our clients have been subjected to traumatic and invalidating early experiences, we are committed to offering trauma-informed support. In addition to being well-versed in standard DBT, our team also trained in DBT for complex post-traumatic stress.
  • We are all members of the DBT Consultation Team of intensively trained DBT therapists which means that we meet weekly to discuss and improve the effectiveness of our work with you.
  • We all have been supervised by an expert DBT clinician approved by the Linehan Institute or a DBT supervisor accredited with the Society for DBT in the UK. This entailed having our therapy sessions listened to and scored for adherence (i.e. how closely we follow the DBT model) by a senior DBT clinician.
  • Our comprehensive programme comprises of the following four components, as set out in Linehan’s DBT model: individual therapy, weekly DBT skills group, phone coaching and DBT peer consultation team.

Please note that DBT was not designed to be provided by sole practitioners but by teams. When looking for a suitable DBT support do not assume that you are getting the comprehensive 4-part programme or an intensively trained DBT therapist solely because the name DBT is emphasised. You can, and should, ask questions to ensure you are partnering with an appropriately trained and experienced DBT provider.