Luka Hadrych

Practices at: London Bridge, Islington and Online

Modality: DBT, RO-DBT, EFT, Couple Therapy, MBT, Mindfulness, FOT

Luka is a BACP-registered counsellor and psychotherapist, dialectical behaviour therapist and mindfulness teacher. As part of the commitment to support his clients as effectively as possible he was trained and supervised by some of the world’s leading therapists in the fields of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Radically Open DBT, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Mentalization-Based Therapy.

Luka has provided individual counselling and group psychological support to people experiencing depression, anxiety and other forms of distress in a variety of London-based NHS and community settings since 2008. Between 2012 and 2017 he worked at a specialist personality disorder service in the NHS providing team-based Dialectical Behaviour Therapy programme for adults with emotion regulation difficulties. Prior to that he also worked in an IAPT service where people experiencing low mood and anxiety were supported with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Luka currently divides his time between working as a psychotherapist, trainer and retreat facilitator. Alongside his counselling work Luka is a practitioner and teacher of mindfulness. Between 2009 and 2014 he managed and conducted the 8-week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Depression programme in the NHS. He also teaches mindfulness in corporate and community settings and runs mindfulness-based workshops, personal development programmes and retreats, including couples retreats, in the UK and Malta.

Luka trained in a number of therapeutic models, including relational, experiential and behavioural therapies. This allows him to tailor your therapy experience to your emotional needs and concerns rather than trying to fit you into a particular type of therapy. He has also continued his professional development in couple counselling and has special interest in supporting couples to regain and enhance emotional intimacy, safety and trust.

Academic Qualifications

  • MSc in Clinical and Community Psychology, University of East London
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Roehampton University
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing Practice (Low Intensity CBT), Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, University of East Anglia

  • Post-qualifying training

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Luka's core DBT training with British Isles DBT National Training Team was in 2012. It was followed by continuous professional development, weekly team consultation and advanced DBT training. In 2014 Luka received expert supervision from Dr Heidi Heard who was one of the original researchers and developers of DBT in the US and is a senior clinician and DBT trainer affiliated to The Linehan Institute.
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy: Externship and Advanced Core Skills Training (Levels 1-4) with Dr Scott Woolley and Dr Zoya Simakhodskaya, The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)
  • Radically Open DBT for Disorders of Over-control: Intensive training for difficulties associated with excessive self-control related to anorexia nervosa, treatment-resistant depression, chronic anxiety, autism spectrum, isolation and loneliness, forming and maintaining relationships, perfectionism and obsessive compulsive personality, Professor Thomas Lynch and the Radically Open Ltd Team
  • Mindfulness Teacher Training and CPD: Mindfulness Scotland Ltd, Mindfulness Association and British Isles DBT Training
  • Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT): Anna Freud Centre
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy for Trauma: Vivo International and Institute for Psychotrauma, London
  • DBT Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Dr Melanie Harned, The Linehan Institute
  • Therapeutic Programme NEST for People with Experiences of Childhood Neglect, Violence (psychological, physical and sexual) and Reproductive Losses (miscarriage, abortion and stillbirth): International Association NEST (New Experiences for Survivors of Trauma), Poland

  • Therapeutic approach
    Luka will enjoy working with and supporting you if you are seeking inner balance, want to free yourself from emotional suffering or want to cope more skillfully with difficulties ranging from anxiety and depression to relationship problems and self-harm. You might also be drawn to therapy by existential or religious/spiritual crisis or simply want to learn new ways of relating to yourself and the world around you. Whatever the reason Luka sees therapy as a shared collaborative process between the therapist and the client. His aim is to help people raise their confidence so that they feel more freed up and able to face and handle life events.

    Luka works in an invitational, non-judgemental yet gently challenging way and his therapeutic work is influenced by the life-enhancing practice of mindfulness. Inspired by his core training in person-centred and relational counselling, Luka recognises the importance of human relationships and their potential for healing and he puts the relationships with clients at the heart of his therapeutic work. During his years of working as a therapist he noticed how people's difficulties are often fuelled by self-criticism and self-attacking and this observation prompted his interest in compassion-focused therapy and in finding answers to the question: "What stops us from being open not only to others but also to ourselves?". Luka has special interest in working with people who show traits of extreme emotional sensitivity, also known as 'highly sensitive personality', and in the therapeutic use of meditation in the modern world.

    Training and consultancy
    Luka also offers consultation and training to individual therapists and teams interested in adding DBT and behavioural interventions to their psychotherapeutic work.


  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Society for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in the UK and Ireland
  • International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • British Focusing Association
  • Location: London Bridge (SE1 3SS) and Islington (N1 8PT)


    Jaclyn Everitt

    Practices at: Angel and Online

    Modality: DBT, Psychodynamic, EMDR, Integrative

    Jaclyn is a UKCP-registered psychotherapist and DBT therapist specialising in working with adult survivors of sexual abuse and the treatment of complex trauma and dissociative disorders. She gained her MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute in London and was later intensively trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. This was followed by specialist supervision from a senior DBT clinician at the Linehan Institute and regular DBT team consultation. Additionally, Jaclyn is a qualified Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) practitioner and also trained in DBT-based Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD. She has spent the last 15 years working across the NHS, private sector and prison services, where she has provided psychotherapy to individuals and training to organisations with the aim to support their knowledge, understanding and a healthier integration for all involved. Between 2011 and 2016 Jaclyn worked at a specialist NHS personality disorder service where she was part of a team providing DBT to people living with the disorder of emotion regulation known as Borderline Personality Disorder. She now works exclusively in private practice.

    Jaclyn sees individuals for a variety of reasons including depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, dissociative disorders, identity issues, sexuality, personality difficulties, managing emotional responses and relationship difficulties. Prior to commencing work with her clients Jaclyn offers a thorough assessment followed by a discussion about all possible treatment options and reasons for suggested treatment. Jaclyn works collaboratively with all her clients, believing that the space she creates with them is essential to any therapeutic growth. This space further supports individuals to move through whatever challenges have brought them to therapy at this point in their lives.


  • United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
  • Society for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in the UK and Ireland
  • European Society of Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD)
  • Insurance: AXA PPP, Simply Health

    Location: 2 mins from Angel station (N1 0PN)

    Darryl Christie

    Practices at: Leytonstone

    Modality: DBT, PE, CBT, Mindfulness

    Darryl is an accredited dialectical behaviour therapist (one of the first in the UK) and a subject matter expert in personality disorders. He was trained in DBT both by the Linehan Institute in the USA and British Isles DBT in the UK. Darryl received expert supervision in DBT and DBT-Prolonged Exposure (PE) from both Dr Heidi Heard and Dr Melanie Harned who are both leading and world-renowned clinicians in the field of DBT and trauma.

    He has a thriving private practice in London and is also an experienced trainer, supervisor and DBT consultant. Darryl currently supervises psychotherapists and psychologists in both the adult and adolescent DBT teams at the Priory Hospitals in and around London. He also provides supervision for the UK's leading private addictions service and two NHS Trusts.

    In the past Darryl worked for over 17 years in both the NHS and social services, much of this time in a specialist personality disorder service where he was authorised by the Secretary of State to undertake complex assessments under the Mental Health Act. Having recently left the NHS, Darryl is currently working solely as a senior member of the Mind-Reframed team providing DBT and Prolonged Exposure treatment for PTSD to patients with complex histories of sexual, psychological and physical abuse. His main aim is to ameliorate emotional suffering and enable people to become the person they aspire to be.

    Therapeutic approach
    Darryl has a unique style that combines irreverence, focus on goals and skills acquisition. In addition to being an adherent DBT therapist he also employs techniques associated with Eastern notions of mindfulness and self-compassion. He offers his clients a thorough assessment of their needs and goals and a clear, well-defined treatment package aimed at them as individuals. His special interests include suicidal and self-harming behaviours in adults and children, treating anxiety and depression, eating problems, addictions and complex PTSD as well as negative self-talk and relationship difficulties that often ensue as a result of the above.

    Training and consultancy
    Darryl also offers supervision, consultation and training to clinicians, teams and services (both inpatient and outpatient) working with high risk clients, in particular those living with BPD. He has extensively trained NHS mental health staff including doctors, nurses and occupational therapists in topics ranging from Understanding Personality Disorders, DBT, Mindfulness, Mental Health Awareness, and Assessing Risk. In addition to providing courses in how to increase one's effectiveness in working with challenging and complex clients across different NHS services, he also trained front-line staff, such as police and court diversion teams and the ambulance services.

    Post-qualifying training

    Throughout his career Darryl has continued to refine and deepen his clinical skills through professional development. He trained extensively in the areas of eating disorders, social anxiety, treating shame, disgust and self-criticism, and adolescent mental health presentations. Some of his post-qualifying training included the following:

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Darryl's core DBT training was with the Linehan Institute Behavioral Tech in 2008. It was followed by continuous professional development, weekly team consultation and advanced DBT training.
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy for Trauma: Vivo International and Institute for Psychotrauma, London
  • DBT Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Dr Melanie Harned, The Linehan Institute
  • Basics and Principles of DBT-PTSD: an Evidence-Based Treatment for Complex PTSD after Childhood Sexual Abuse: Professor Martin Bohus and Tamar Neubauer
  • DBT Skills in Schools: Skills Training for Emotional Problem-Solving for Adolescents (DBT STEPS-A)
  • Understanding Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Professor Sue Clark, Bournemouth University
  • Foundational Training in the Theory and Practice of Compassion Focused Therapy: Professor Paul Gilbert, The Compassionate Mind Foundation


  • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Society for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in the UK and Ireland
  • Location: Leytonstone (E11)

    Ivan Zammit

    Practices at: Angel and London Bridge

    Modality: Psychiatry, DBT, MBT

    Ivan works as a Specialty Doctor in Psychiatry in an NHS-run complex care team in North London, and in a private mental health unit which specialises in the treatment of women with Borderline Personality Disorder. Ivan is also available for private consultations with clients embarking on therapeutic work with members of the Mind-Reframed team. He is a qualified member of The Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) and is approved to conduct assessments under the Section 12 of Mental Health Act. Ivan will enjoy working with and supporting you if you are engaged in (or are thinking of going for an assessment for) psychological therapy and would like advice about your medication or tailored treatment plans to help you work towards a life that you will experience as truly fulfilling. Ivan offers psychiatric reviews whether the therapy you are in is for BPD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, medically unexplained symptoms or other forms of emotional distress.

    Ivan has completed all the requirements for core training in psychiatry as approved by the London Deanery, and his clinical experience has entailed medical psychotherapy, forensic psychiatry, emergency mental health, liaison psychiatry and general adult psychiatry in hospitals and other NHS and private settings. He has experience in the acute and non-urgent assessment of people with a wide range of psychiatric and social difficulties and has worked as an independent doctor in assessing people under section 12 of the Mental Health Act in a number of emergency settings. Ivan has experience in outpatient and inpatient, group and individual therapy settings, and his current role is within a psychological therapy service as a doctor conducting medical (psychiatric) reviews.

    Ivan has taken up specialist training in the treatment of people living with the diagnoses of personality disorders and has understanding of and experience with therapies treating them, including Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT) and Dialectical and Cognitive Behaviour Therapies, as well as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Family Therapy, Group Analysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He has a strong interest in working within joint medical and psychological models and in psycho-education. He is passionate about empowering clients with mental distress to become experts in navigating through their difficulties and to enable them to work towards their overall well-being and relevant life goals.

    Qualifications and Training

    • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Malta
    • Master in Public Health, University of Manchester
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Psychosocial Perspectives on Working with People with Personality Disorders, University of East London
    • Mentalisation-Based Treatment, Anna Freud Centre, London
    • Foundation Training in Group Analysis, Institute of Group Analysis, London
    • Core Training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, British Isles DBT National Training Team


    • The Royal College of Psychiatrists


    Jill Critchley

    Practices at: Primrose Hill, Angel and via Skype

    Modality: DBT, CBT, REBT, Couple Therapy

    Jill is a BABCP-registered and accredited psychotherapist. She qualified with an MSc in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from Goldsmiths University. She is also an experienced dialectical behaviour therapist and worked at the adolescent unit and the acute hospital at the Priory in North London where she co-ran the DBT Programme for some three years. For a number of years Jill worked for the Ambulance Service where she provided Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for paramedics experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She also has extensive experience in the field of HIV and AIDS as a counsellor supporting people living with HIV and AIDS to rebuild their sense of self and promoting protection within the male sex worker industry.

    Prior to her therapeutic work Jill qualified as a teacher in 1995 and taught English and Drama until 2002. She also has a wealth of experience working as SENCO at a high school behavioural unit with children and young adults with special behavioural needs.

    Jill currently runs a private practice in Primrose Hill and Angel providing individual Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for clients living with the diagnosis of BPD, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy for individuals and couples. She is also one of the Mind-Reframed team members involved in facilitating DBT skills classes.

    Jill has a special interest in PTSD and associated difficulties and is experienced in working with anxiety, depression and other forms of distress using a combination of 1st and 3rd wave cognitive behavioural disciplines including mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Jill has a thorough approach to therapy helping clients to learn and apply therapeutic tools to unlock and change destructive patterns of thought and behaviour, which consistently threaten their capacity to experience a life worth living.

    Insurance: Aviva, AXA PPP, Vitality, CIGNA, Simply Health, Exeter Friendly and other smaller insurance companies.

    Location: Primrose Hill (NW1 8XY) and Angel (EC1R 4RE)

    Helen Brice

    Practices at: Piccadilly/Oxford Cricus

    Modality: DBT, RO-DBT, Existential, Couple Therapy

    Helen is a UKCP-registered existential psychotherapist and intensively trained dialectical behaviour therapist. Additionally, Helen was trained in Radically Open DBT by the treatment developer Professor Thomas Lynch and she co-runs the RO-DBT programme for clients who live with challenges resulting from excessive over-control and conditions such as anorexia nervosa, chronic depression and anxiety, autistic spectrum, obsessive compulsive and paranoid personalities. She graduated with a music and drama degree and worked for more than twenty years in the music business in the areas of performance, production, publishing, artist management and classical music. From this background, Helen was inspired to train as a psychotherapist and graduated from New School Of Psychotherapy and Counselling with a Masters degree in Existential Psychotherapy. Her therapeutic practice continues to be informed by this core training. As a therapist she stands side-by-side with her clients, exploring their worldview, working from their own experience and understanding how they make sense of life in the here and now. In recent years Helen has worked as a staff and students counsellor at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, as a team lead psychotherapist at HMP Holloway and consultant psychotherapist at The Priory.

    In addition to co-facilitating the RO-DBT skills groups Helen provides psychotherapy and skills coaching for musicians, performers and those working in the creative field. She also offers emergency psychotherapy and coaching onsite for performance anxiety. Helen is experienced in working with depression and anxiety, including performance anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), emotion regulation and over-control difficulties, anorexia and eating disorders, personality disorders and bipolar disorder. Helen also practices as a couple therapist and offers the service of dialectical mediator to resolve workplace friction and disagreements, workplace stress and work-related interpersonal difficulties. She has special interest in working with parents of children with disability and/or autism.

    Insurance: Aviva, Vitality, CIGNA, Simply Health, Exeter Friendly and other smaller insurance companies.

    Location: Piccadilly Circus (W1F 9JB) and Covent Garden (WC2H 9QL)

    Marie Wassberg

    Practices at: Palmers Green and Waltham Abbey

    Modality: CBT, TF-CBT, DBT and PE

    Marie is a qualified Social Worker and CBT and DBT therapist. She is registered with the HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) as well as an accredited CBT therapist with BABCP (British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies). As a therapist, Marie has worked for many years with children and young adults who had been sexually abused, suffered from complex trauma or experienced other kinds of trauma and/or who displayed harmful sexual behaviours. Over the last few years the client group increased to include adults presenting with: deliberate self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depression and psychosis among other difficulties. Marie’s goal is to give everyone a chance to aim for a life worth living. As a qualified social worker, her work was in child protection and with unaccompanied minors and asylum seekers.

    Marie has many years of experience of seeing patients both individually and in groups. She has been running groups for parents as part of a programme for both the child/adolescent and the parents. Marie also has experience of working with children and adolescents presenting with challenging behaviours, autism spectrum disorder (especially high functioning) and ADHD.

    Marie has been a guest lecturer at universities in Sweden, and a facilitator at workshops at Conferences and training events throughout the UK, in Sweden and the USA. She has run courses and educated professionals and students about children and adolescents who display harmful sexual behaviours. She has also offered training and supervision to other professionals who work with children and adolescents in a DBT-approach.

    In Sweden between 2009 and 2014, Marie managed two outpatient clinics for 0-25 years old, where a DBT-approach group programme was developed and offered to adolescents who displayed harmful sexual behaviours, and, trauma group programmes for those under 12 who had experienced sexual abuse. She is currently working part-time as a CAMHS Lead Therapist at the Priory North London, where she is seeing adolescents individually and in groups. At the Priory North London, Marie has been part of setting up a DBT-approach group programme for the young people admitted.

    Marie was born in Sweden. She came to the UK for the first time 1984. Her core profession is Social Work (qualified in 1999) and she has experience of working in Social Services in both England and Sweden. Marie is a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT) and has been practicing as such since 2004. She studied CBT at Goldsmiths University, London, 2003 with Windy Dryden. Furthermore, Marie has diploma in Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT), gained in 2010, where she trained with Elizabeth Malmquist and Anita Linnér (Sweden), as well as with Alan Fruzzetti and Jill Rathus (USA). She is also trained in Trauma Focused-CBT, including Supervisor training (TF-CBT) 2013 with Laura Murray (USA); and Prolonged Exposure (PE) 2012 with Edna Foa (USA).

    Location: Palmers Green (N14 7HD) and Waltham Abbey (EN9 1NN)

    Ella Greatorex

    Practices at: Vauxhall/Kennington

    Modality: CBT, EMDR

    Ella is a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner with over 8 years’ experience of working therapeutically to help clients to improve their psychological well-being. She has worked as a Psychological Well-being Practitioner and CBT Therapist in the NHS since 2009 and currently works in an NHS clinic in London as well as working privately. Working with a range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, obsessional thinking and relationship difficulties; Ella also works to help people move forward with their lives when they are feeling directionless or stuck and can help you to establish your goals and to begin living in a more values-driven way. She believes in using evidence-based theory and practice to overcome psychological distress and invites you to become curious about yourself.

    In addition to traditional Cognitive Behavioural approaches to treating emotional difficulties, Ella is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and will often offer a combination of EMDR and CBT to clients. EMDR is an evidence-based approach originally developed for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder but which is also extremely effective in treating numerous other forms of emotional distress. It works by accessing maladaptive memory networks which are stuck in pathways or feedback loops in the brain and reprograms these with new and adaptive information so that distress is alleviated and new insights can be formed. Ella practices in accordance with the codes of ethics of her professional body BABCP she used approaches which help you to make sense of unhelpful ways of interpreting and responding to day-to-day experience and works towards meaningful change. Ella will help you to increase your awareness of your values, beliefs and goals and support you to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

    With a realistic understanding of London-life and the pressures that it can bring, Ella offers a creative, compassionate and pro-active approach to therapy which values openness, self-reflection and the desire to change.

    Academic Qualifications
    BSc in Psychology, University of Exeter
    Post-Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Mental Health Practice (Low Intensity CBT), University of Central Lancashire
    Post-Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Depression, University of Southampton
    Three-part Accredited Training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Richman EMDR Training

    Insurance: AXA PPP

    Location: Vauxhall/Kennington (SE1 7SJ)

    Gerard Hannon

    Modality: MBT, DBT, CBT, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness

    Practices at: London Bridge

    Gerard is an experienced counsellor and has been working psychotherapeutically with both adults and adolescents since 2009. He has successfully supported people with a wide range of difficulties such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, personality disorders, self-harm, loss and bereavement, trauma, relationship difficulties and work-related stress. Gerard has worked in a variety of public and private mental health settings both in England and Northern Ireland. They included: Community Mental Health Teams, Clinical Health Team for People with Learning Disabilities, Student Well-Being Departments at the University of Surrey and the North-West Regional College and ‘Derry Youth Community Workshop’. He had a dual role as a therapist and director of ‘Zest’, a Derry-based charity supporting people who experience difficulties related to self-harm and suicide. He currently provides longer-term psychotherapy at an NHS psychotherapy service in East London.

    Through this extensive experience, Gerard has gained knowledge of a number of psychotherapeutic approaches and is well-versed in humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural therapies. His therapeutic approach is integrative and offers a non-judgmental and safe therapeutic environment where people can feel at ease, talk openly and reflect on their experiences and on what is causing them distress. Gerard has a particular interest in mindfulness, guided imagery and inner child work which can enhance a person's ability to experience a deeper connection with themselves and others. In his experience these valuable tools tend to lead to improved mental well-being and a more fulfilling life.

    Gerard is currently continuing his professional development on a doctoral programme in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology at the University of Surrey. His research interests include the function and conceptualisation of worry and rumination and exploring how individuals can become more in control of their thoughts. Gerard has presented his research on worry, loneliness and coping styles at the national clinical conference in 2013.

    Gerard is aware that experiencing psychological distress can be a very lonely place and a sense of trepidation about seeing a therapist is completely natural and understandable. However, rest assured there is nothing to fear. Gerard is a reliable companion to ensure that that you are supported through this journey.

    Academic Qualifications

  • Degree in Integrated Counselling, North West Regional College
  • Certificate in Counselling, National University of Ireland
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Ulster
  • Doctorate in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology, University of Surrey (ongoing)
  • Post-Qualifying Training

  • Mentalisation Based Therapy: Anna Freud Centre and East London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Gerard's core DBT training was with British Isles DBT National Training Team who are the sole licensed providers of DBT training in the UK. He continues to receive regular supervision and attends DBT team consultation to ensure continuous professional development.
  • Applied Suicide Interventions and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with CBT Expert Dr Christine Padesky
  • Memberships

  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
  • British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Location: London Bridge (SE1 3SS)

    Claudio Parretti

    Modality: MBT, Psychodynamic, CBT, Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

    Practices at: Islington

    Claudio is a HCPC-registered Counselling Psychologist and Mentalisation-based therapist. Claudio has completed his undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology and subsequently his postgraduate degree in Dynamic-Clinical Psychology in Rome, developing a specific interest around Developmental Psychology, Attachment Theory and Psychopathology. He later trained at the Anna Freud Centre as an MBT therapist and obtained his UK registration as a Counselling Psychologist. Currently, Claudio is continuing his professional development in the specialist field of parent-infant psychotherapy through a UKCP-accredited course at the School of Infant Mental Health.

    Claudio has over 10 years of clinical experience both in Italy and in the UK and within different settings, including therapeutic communities, residential services and outpatient NHS clinics. Claudio has worked with clients with a wide range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, psychosis, anger problems and interpersonal difficulties. For over 6 years he delivered Mentalisation-based therapy (MBT) programmes, providing both individual and group MBT to clients living with the diagnoses of personality disorders and with complex needs. He has operated in this role both within forensic services and at a specialist NHS Personality Disorder Service, as part of a model-adherent team and with regular expert supervision.

    Claudio has also gained the experience of supporting clients by means of CBT-based individual interventions and can provide short-term consultations for psychological and interpersonal problems, such as professional/academic orientation, changes in relationships, adjustment and stress-related issues.

    Claudio's expertise is in child development and he also provides consultation and parent-infant psychotherapy to families with children presenting with sleeping issues, eating problems, early signs of autism and attachment problems. Claudio’s approach to therapeutic work with children aims to engage parents in the process, as he considers their involvement a key factor towards the improvement of children’s well-being.

    Given his clinical experience, Claudio has developed a unique expertise in working with both children and adults. He has worked with clients from various nationalities and diverse backgrounds, establishing a full appreciation of cultural and ethnic differences. Claudio can practice in different languages, including English, Spanish and Italian.

    Qualifications and trainings

    • BSc in Clinical Psychology, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
    • Post-graduate Degree in Clinical-Dynamic Psychology for Infancy, Adolescence and Families, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
    • MSc in Psychological Research Methods, University of Westminster
    • Mentalisation-Based Treatment (MBT): Claudio's basic MBT training with Anna Freud Centre Team was in 2013. It was followed by regular team consultation, expert supervision and advanced MBT practitioner training in 2014.


    • Graduate Membership at the British Psychological Society
    • Counselling Psychologist at the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)
    • Psychologist at the Ordine degli Psicologi del Lazio (Italian registration as a Chartered Psychologist)
    • Trainee Membership at the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

    Location: Islington (N1 8PT)

    Vilyana Tsekova

    Modality: DBT, CBT, MBCT, Sensory Integration, CFT, Schema Therapy

    Practices at: Piccadilly Circus and Online

    Vilyana is an intensively trained dialectical behaviour therapist with experience in providing individual therapy and facilitating DBT skills classes to groups. She first qualified as a psychologist and worked with young people presenting with challenging behaviours, sensory difficulties, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD and specific learning difficulties and her role was to support them in increasing their independence and psychological coping. In the last ten years, Vilyana has gained a wealth of experience in working with children and adults in a variety of settings including forensic services and community mental health within the NHS, private health sector and charity organisations.

    Vilyana welcomes clients with a wide range of emotional and mental health difficulties expressed through depression, eating disorders, relationship and personality difficulties, self-harming behaviours, low self-esteem and self-worth, low motivation for personal development, loss of hope or identity and clients who have experienced social deprivation or neglect in their early lives. Vilyana formulates and implements therapy plans that aim to reduce the impact of psychological distress or mental illness on her clients' functioning and supports them in learning new and more effective ways of coping with painful emotions and life challenges. Her goal is help clients become aware of what holds them back from living their life to the full, to manage obstacles more effectively and to prevent future relapses.

    Vilyana supports clients to effectively monitor and address their emotional and mental health needs. She helps clients to make sense of their circumstances and to put in place workable solutions which will provide a greater meaning of where people find themselves in life as well as equip them with the tools for a positive and well prepared future. Vilyana's approach is focused on her clients individual circumstances and unique needs. She also ensures that any therapy plans and methods she applies are supported with evidence-based outcomes and solid clinical research.

    In recent years Vilyana has also directly worked with humanitarian and human rights organisations on various health related projects across the globe. As a therapist, Vilyana feels that helping clients to increase their self-awareness in individual and group DBT-based sessions is the first step towards building emotional resilience and positive relationships.

    Academic Qualifications

  • BSc in Psychology (Hons), NB University, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Specialisation in Cognitive Neuroscience, Neural Networks and Consciousness, ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary
  • Specialisation in Cognitive Psychology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
  • MSc in Occupational Therapy, University of East Anglia
  • Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills for Working with Children, Place2Be, London
  • Sensory Integration (2/3), Ulster University, Birmingham
  • Post-qualifying training

  • Intensive training in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, The Association for Psychological Therapies, Leicester
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindful Therapy, UK
  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy: Formulation for Teams, Cygnet Health Care, UK
  • Therapy Techniques for Anxiety and Impulse Control, Skills Development Service, USA
  • STEPPS (Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving): Group Treatment Programme for Borderline Personality Disorder), NEPFT, Essex
  • Autism and Sensory Processing, Sensory Integration Network, UK
  • Sensory Integration in Mental Health and Learning Disability, Forensic and Secure Settings, Sensory Integration Network, UK
  • Foundational and Advanced Training in the Theory and Practice of Compassion Focused Therapy, The Compassionate Mind Foundation, London
  • Individual Schema Therapy Certification, Schema Therapy Institute, London


  • Health & Care Professions Council, UK
  • British Psychological Society
  • British Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Society for Dialectical Therapy in the UK and Ireland
  • Sensory Integration Network, UK
  • The Compassionate Mind Foundation, UK
  • The International Society of Schema Therapy
  • Insurance: Vitality Health and Aviva

    Location: Piccadilly Circus/Soho (W1F 9JB)

    Clyde Wright

    Modality: MBT, Systemic (Family and Couple Therapy)

    Practices at: Islington

    Clyde is a highly experienced Mentalisation-Based Therapist with a wide-ranging expertise in working with people who have been through very difficult, early-life experiences. These experiences have often contributed to the development of mental health or emotional issues manifesting as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, panic, impulsivity, anger or violence. Clyde has specialist expertise in working with people who have difficulties in understanding themselves and others to the extent that they are less able to enjoy relationships and lead contented lives.

    Clyde has undergone a thorough training in Mentalisation-Based Therapy (MBT) at the Anna Freud Centre in London. Over the last 5 years he has also continued to develop his practice in family and couple psychotherapy. He is currently completing his MSc in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Institute of Family Therapy in London.

    Clyde has worked in NHS settings for 20 years. During his career he has run a number of specialist therapy services for people diagnosed with personality disorders. These include outpatient psychotherapy and therapeutic community settings. As a result, he has much experience in facilitating therapy groups as well as individual and couple sessions.

    Clyde also has considerable experience as a trainer and supervisor. He has developed training programmes for a wide range of NHS staff to develop key skills in understanding people who live with diagnoses of personality disorders. Clyde has also worked as an honorary lecturer at the University of Greenwich and Salomon's Centre for Applied Psychology.

    Clyde currently supervises an MBT therapy service and a couple and families clinic. For the past 4 years he has lead an MBT clinical site for a national trial under the supervision of Professor Bateman who is one of the developers of MBT attached to the Anna Freud Centre.

    Qualifications and Training

    • DipHE Mental Health Nursing, University of Plymouth
    • Mentalisation-Based Therapy, Anna Freud Centre 2008-2012 (Under Professors Bateman and Fonagy) Basic, Advanced and Train the Trainers
    • Graduate Certificate in Systemic Psychotherapy, Institute of Family Therapy 2010
    • Post-Graduate Certificate in Systemic Psychotherapy, Institute of Family Therapy 2011
    • MSc Systemic Psychotherapy, Institute of Family Therapy (current)

    Location: Islington (N1 8PT)

    Marva Sherman

    Modality: TA, CBT, Mindfulness, EMDR, EFT, Couple Therapy

    Practices at: Finchley Central and Elephant & Castle

    Marva is an experienced BACP-registered counsellor, accredited couple therapist and EMDR practitioner with over 18 years of therapeutic experience. In addition to seeing clients in private practice she currently works as a senior counsellor in an NHS service where she enjoys supporting couples and individuals whose lives and relationships are affected by depression. Marva is committed to supporting her clients in learning and using therapeutic tools to unlock and change patterns of thought and behaviour that no longer serve them and that threaten their capacity to feel emotionally safe in partnerships and to live their life to the full.

    Marva uses evidence-based therapies to support couples to improve their communication skills and build acceptance in order to regain intimacy and joy in their relationships. She also treats individuals experiencing difficulties with anxiety, stress, trauma, workplace stress, racial harassment and bullying. Marva completed each of the four levels of training in Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to support clients in processing their traumatic experiences and memories.

    Her offering includes both short-term, solution-focused and goal-oriented therapy and more open-ended exploration of difficulties with clients who are interested in long-term psychotherapy. Marva also enjoys working with couples and individuals who experience cultural differences in their relationships which may cause barriers and conflicts. She works with couples of any sexuality, gender or ethnicity with warmth, respect and passion.

    Marva's therapeutic approach is integrative flexibly drawing from Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and Emotionally Focused Therapy to support her clients according to their unique needs and concerns.


  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling, The Berne Institute
  • IAPT-endorsed Certificate in Counselling for Depression, Nottingham University
  • Certificate in Couples Therapy for Depression, Tavistock Centre for Couples and Relationships
  • Post-qualifying training (levels 1-4) in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) for Trauma, EMDR Works
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing Practice (Low Intensity CBT), Canterbury Christ Church University

  • Location: Finchley Central and Elephant & Castle

    Konstantina Tsalavouta

    Modality: CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic

    Practices at: Edmonton Green and via Skype

    Konstantina is a counselling psychologist registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). Prior to obtaining her doctoral qualification in counselling psychology with the University of East London she had completed an MSc in Mental Health at King’s College in 2005. Since then Konstantina has gained a wealth of experience in working as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist (CBT) and psychological therapist in a number of NHS and private sector settings where she has provided individual CBT and ran groups for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

    Konstantina is also trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and currently works as a DBT team co-ordinator at the North London Priory where she is involved in co-facilitating skills groups and providing one to one DBT sessions for people with the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. In addition to being a skilled CBT and DBT practitioner Konstantina is also experienced in providing psychodynamic therapy and in teaching mindfulness and compassion-based approaches. Her aim is to guide her clients towards a life with less self-criticism and self-judgements and thus reduce emotional suffering.

    Konstantina has special interest in working with patients with a history of traumatic experiences such as abuse or rape, which resulted in PTSD. Her expertise includes working with anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, low self-esteem, alcohol and substance misuse, personality disorders, eating disorders and self-harm. She is also experienced in facilitating assertiveness and anger management workshops. Konstantina also offers online therapy via Skype and her doctoral research focused on the therapeutic relationship in online therapy.

    Insurance: Aviva, Vitality, CIGNA, Simply Health, Exeter Friendly and other small insurance companies.

    Location: Edmonton Green (N9 7EL)

    Joel Bennett

    Practices at: Harley Street, Kentish Town and Online

    Modality: Positive Psychology, CBT, MCT, EMDR, ACT, EFT

    Joel is an experienced, BACP-accredited counsellor, cognitive behavioural psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner. He provides therapy and training online globally. Joel has been within the mental health field for the past 13 years and has worked extensively within a wide range of sectors such as GP surgeries, community settings, forensic hospitals, schools and inpatient services. He has worked with individuals from a diverse range of cultures, religions, physical and/or mental disabilities, genders, sexualities and ages. He currently works for the Priory as a specialist in anxiety disorders and trauma and for the NHS working with people experiencing anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

    Joel has trained in a number of different therapeutic approaches. He uses modalities that recognise the importance of perception and thinking, emotional processing, neurobiological implications, developmental needs, relational needs and human strength. This wide diversity of training allows Joel to collaboratively work with you in identifying what areas might be most beneficial to you, rather than forcing you to work within a specific model or label. Joel aims to help individuals find their potential and uses ACT principles to help the client to re-identify what is most important to them. He is passionate about understanding human strengths and resilience and helping his clients to recognise their own resources. His past and current research has been focused on helping individual’s foster courage to face adversities and flourish towards their unique purposes and passions.

    Joel works both with individuals 1:1 and within group programmes. He is currently working on fostering awareness of mental health and working with trauma in countries with limited psychological support. He is passionate about his work and believes everyone should have access to psychological support, despite their geographical location or financial means.

    Academic Qualifications

    • MSc in Psychology, University of Worcester
    • Post-Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, University of South Wales
    • Post-Graduate Certificate in Integrative Counselling, University of South Wales
    • BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling, University of South Wales
    • PhD in Psychology, focusing on Psychological Trauma and human strengths (Current), University of Worcester

    Post-Qualifying Training

    • EMDR (Eye-Movement-Desensitisation-Reprogramming): Joel’s intensive EMDR training was delivered by leading experts in the field of trauma and EMDR. This training is aimed at treating and relieving complex PTSD, trauma, phobias, depression, addictions and distressing memories. It also enables clients to build positive and lasting resources to combat life difficulties and recognise their innate strengths. University of London
    • CBT for Bulimia: Joel has received specialist training in treating bulimia nervosa from Dr Glen Waller, a leading researcher and clinician within the field of eating disorders. University of Sheffield
    • Emotionally-focused counselling for depression: Metanoia Institute
    • DBT Essentials training: The Association for Psychological Therapies
    • Mindfulness: University of Oxford
    • CBT for Body-Dysmorphia, University of London and BABCP
    • CBT for insomnia and chronic sleep problems, Cardiff University and BABCP

    Therapeutic approach

    Joel founders all his principles of human interaction on person centred therapy. He believes that humans have the innate ability to grow and flourish given the right conditions. Additionally, Joel is keen on exploring common strengths across humanity and cultures to recognise the potential of ‘good’ despite the odds. His therapeutic approach is fundamentally aimed at developing a balance between parts of self (logical/rational, creative/emotional and spiritual) and recognition of our needs both biologically, relationally and emotionally. He feels that developing a balance of these areas enables individuals to recognise and find their individual purpose and general life passions.

    Joel interweaves his therapeutic approaches depending on your difficulties. He uses cognitive behavioural therapy and meta-cognitive therapy to recognise the impact of perception, pre-occupation with thinking, behavioural patterns, obsessional thoughts, attentional focus difficulties and explores how these can be unhelpful for us emotionally and psychologically. You might find this approach particularly helpful if you suffer with OCD, paranoid thoughts, social phobia, health anxiety, panic, depersonalisation, depression and low self-esteem.

    He also helps individuals to come into closer contact with their emotions. Through his training and experience, he feels that emotions are often a communication of our needs, perhaps in our relationships, work situation or general life direction. He helps individuals to recognise their needs through exploration of their emotions with an empathic and non-judgemental acceptance. He helps you to look deeper into the meaning of your life through the use of more existential searching and recognition of what makes you ‘tick’ and feel alive. He recognises that individuals often forget who they are or what is important to them when they have lived a long-time suffering or being subjected to others needs. Joel is passionate about guiding you towards finding your own way to living whole-heartily and embracing your life. You might find this approach helpful if you are experiencing strong emotions of shame, guilt, fear and depression or if you are suffering from bereavement, are confused about your identity, your relationships or the meaning of life.

    Lastly, Joel is passionate about working with trauma. He believes that ‘distressing memories’ are often linked to current difficulties. These might be both traumatic, or simply an unpleasant memory that might be linked to our current fears and difficulties. He uses EMDR as a way of processing and lessening or stopping painful emotions and stuck thought processes. He has worked with individuals with complex trauma, single incident PTSD or sexual trauma. He helps the trauma to process from being stuck. This means a stop of flashbacks, nightmares, extreme fear, and self-loathing and/or feeling ‘trapped’ in the present moment. Joel enjoys helping clients to be guided empathically to a place of calmness and understanding so that they may no longer be stuck on pause.


    • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
    • British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies
    • British Psychological Society
    • EMDR UK and Ireland

    Insurance: Cigna, Vitality, WPA, AXA PPP, Aviva

    Locations: Harley Street (W1G 6AZ) and Kentish Town (NW5 2RD)

    Anastasiya Lovegrove

    Practices at: Greenwich and Online

    Modality: CBT, Schema Therapy, EMDR, FOT

    Anastasiya is a HCPC-registered counselling psychologist specialising in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders and complex trauma. She gained her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at Regent’s University, London and was subsequently trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) at King’s College, London. Additionally, Anastasiya is accredited in Schema Therapy and is trained in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma. She also qualified as a Focusing-Oriented Therapist. Focusing is a profound way of being with any experience and is a skill most of us have or can develop, that of listening to our inner most feelings, sensing into our body, and discovering what is not fully known yet.

    Anastasiya has spent the last 10 years working across the NHS, prison service and private sector. She taught at undergraduate level and volunteered with a number of mental health charities providing psychological support to different client groups. She now works exclusively in private practice and offers sessions face to face and online.

    Anastasiya offers support for individuals experiencing stress, relationship problems, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, OCD, phobias, trauma, bereavement and work difficulties. Anastasiya offers a thorough assessment session followed up by a written summary of main points discussed and suggestions for treatment. She tailors her approach according to your needs and concerns and aims to help you facilitate changes in your life which would improve your mental health.


    • The British Psychological Society (BPS)
    • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
    • British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP)
    • The International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST)
    • EMDR Association UK and Ireland

    Insurance: AXA PPP, Vitality Health, Signa, Aviva, Healix Health

    Location: 2 mins from Greenwich station (SE10 9FY)

    Bridget Davey

    Practices at: Plumstead

    Modality: Core Process, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic

    Bridget Davey is a UKCP-registered psychotherapist. She has an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy and is a member of both the UKCP and the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists (ACPP). She originally trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and has enjoyed performing as a professional violinist for over twenty years now. More recently, however, she wanted to expand her interest in both psychotherapy and Buddhism.

    Interested in enquiring more deeply into the nature of her own experience and having had an ongoing curiosity as to our interaction with others, she first became involved in Core Process Psychotherapy back in 2005. In 2008, she attended the Foundation Course in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute, and then embarked on the MA Psychotherapy training in 2009. A particularly stimulating part of her training was working as an honorary chaplain in a medium secure forensic unit for the NHS.

    Bridget works with a wide variety of concerns ranging from depression, bereavement, difficulties in relationship, to physical, existential or spiritual crises. She has worked closely with people diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and those suffering from severe anxiety. Supported by her own contemplative practice she aims to work in an inclusive and non-discriminatory way, offering her clients the opportunity to be received unconditionally, without judgment. Ultimately Bridget wishes to support each of her clients in finding their own direction, strongly believing that what lies at the root of a healing therapeutic relationship is often, simply, the unconditional presence of another.

    Location: Plumstead (SE18)

    Katarina Kovacova

    Modality: CBT, MBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, Family Therapy

    Available for: Online therapy, supervision and consultation

    Katarina is a chartered clinical psychologist registered with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a university lecturer. Katarina has over 15 years of clinical experience which she has mainly gained in the NHS but also within the private organisations and third sector. During her career, Katarina has worked in various settings, including inpatient, outpatient and community; and with people across a range of age groups, including children, adults and older adults. She has delivered individual, group, couple and family therapy. In addition, Katarina has provided training, supervision and consultation to other health professionals, teams and services. Alongside her clinical practice, Katarina has been a visiting lecturer at University of East London, Institute of Psychiatry and Canterbury Christ Church University where she has been teaching on the subject of clinical psychology, including CBT, Systemic Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, research methods and critical psychology.

    Katarina has supported clients experiencing a wide range of difficulties described as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating difficulties, trichotillomania, psychosis, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), panic disorder, phobias, ADHD, substance misuse, gambling, neurocognitive difficulties, relationship difficulties, loss and bereavement, low self-esteem and multiple trauma (inc. survivors of sexual abuse). Katarina is also experienced in working with clients who present with complex needs, including suicidal behaviour and deliberate self-harm.

    In her clinical practice, Katarina has facilitated her clients in understanding and approaching life challenges in more adaptive ways in order to enhance their overall wellbeing. Katarina has training and experience in a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Trauma Focused CBT, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Narrative Therapy, Systemic (family) Therapy, Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT), and Solution Focused Therapy. This allows her to flexibly use different types of therapy and/or their aspects to fit your particular needs. Katarina sees therapy as a collaborative process and focuses on your chosen therapy goals. She appreciates the strengths and resources that may be available to people and uses these therapeutically to create a positive and long-lasting change. Katarina endeavours to get your feedback at each session to establish and maintain an effective therapeutic relationship, and to ensure maximum therapy satisfaction. She offers a short-term, goal-oriented therapy as well as long-term psychotherapy. She can provide culturally sensitive parenting support, anger and stress management and couple therapy. In addition, Katarina offers clinical supervision and consultation to other mental health practitioners.

    Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, University of East London, UK
    MSc in Psychology, Olomouc University, Czech Republic

    Mentalization Based Therapy, Anna Freud Centre, London (2008)
    Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, The Huntercombe Hospital (2013-2014)
    Motivational Interviewing, National Problem Gambling Clinic, London (2011)
    Systemic Family Therapy, The Tavistock and Portman Trust, London (2012-2013)
    Narrative Therapy, University College Hospital, London (2014)


    Non-Clinical Associates

    Andy Phee

    Practices at: Hackney and off-site across London

    Modality: MBCT, MBSR

    Andy is an experienced mindfulness teacher with a background in community mental health nursing. He has trained extensively to teach Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programmes. Andy has been practising mindfulness for 20 years and teaching for 7 years. He is committed to supporting people and organisations to tap into their potential and innate capacity for wellbeing and creativity through mindfulness.

    Andy teaches mindfulness-based approaches to staff in the NHS, in the third and education sectors and to teams and organisations in the corporate sector. Settings that he has facilitated groups in include Kings Health Partners, Camden and Islington NHS Trust, Dulwich Prep School, St. Mungos Housing and the Girls Day School Trust. He has offered mindfulness groups for people who experience distressing voices and has more recently been working, in conjunction with Prof. Mark Williams, with prison staff and prisoners following the award of a grant from Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

    Andy has also trained as a supervisor of mindfulness teachers and currently supervises several mindfulness teachers working in NHS settings. He also works with groups of people who are experiencing a wide range of stress related and psychological challenges including insomnia, anxiety, depression, trauma, adverse childhood experiences and abuse.

    Andy trained as a mental health nurse in Glasgow in the 80's and has worked in acute in-patient settings, in rehabilitation; in forensic settings, homelessness and, for many years, in community mental health in inner London. He continues to practice as mental health nurse one day a week for a pan London homelessness healthcare team and facilitates case discussions and post incident debriefs with homelessness staff.

    He is passionate about enhancing the strengths and abilities of the people he works with and in supporting people in developing their natural, inherent capacity to bring mindful qualities and compassion to their challenges and difficulties.


    • Registered Nurse Mental Health (1988)
    • Teaching and Assessing In Clinical Practice, English National Board for Nursing (1995)
    • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Oxford Mindfulness Centre (2011)
    • .B Foundations, Mindfulness In Schools (2014)
    • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, CMRP, Bangor University (2015)

    Kirsten Barnicot

    Modality: DBT, Trauma and Psychiatry Researcher

    Available for: Training and Research Seminars

    Kirsten Barnicot is an academic psychologist with a special interest in the psychological treatment of personality disorder and trauma. She completed a BA in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford followed by a PhD in Social and Community Psychiatry at Queen Mary University of London in 2013. Her thesis focused on exploring mechanisms of change in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Kirsten currently works for Imperial College London, where she is conducting work on the impact of trauma on the psychological treatment of personality disorder. She has published widely in peer-reviewed psychology and psychiatry journals (e.g. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, Clinical Psychology Review, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics). She can offer training on topics including assessment and treatment of personality disorder, assessment and treatment of trauma in the context of personality disorder, and the evidence base for psychological treatment of personality disorder.

    Sanjay Rao

    Modality: Honorary Corporate Consultant

    Available for: TBA

    Sanjay is a senior solicitor with over 15 years experience of working within corporate, investment banking and business settings. After recognising the benefits of mindfulness in his personal and professional life in recent years, Sanjay has developed a great passion for promoting this valuable practice in the corporate workplace settings. He has the ability to combine the mindsets of both corporate and mindfulness disciplines and has shared his expertise to help Mind-Reframed provide bespoke corporate solutions.