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At Mind-Reframed we provide a range of counselling and psychological therapies to individuals, relationship counselling to couples and psycho-educational solutions to organisations across London and Malta. Our approach is founded on the three key principles of effectiveness, compassion and relevance to your unique needs and we focus on applying all that we know and trust to be effective to help you live a fullfiling life. We successfully support people who face challenges around emotional and mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, addictions, self-harm, and personality and eating disorders.

We are first in London to specialise in running the programme in DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOUR THERAPY in the private sector. It supports people living with borderline personality disorder and traits in learning to recognise and manage difficult emotions and maladaptive behaviours. Experience has shown us that sustainable recovery is best gained with acquisition of new skills. Our DBT skills classes can equip you with practical tools relevant to a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, high sensitivity or chaotic relationships. CONSULTATION AND TRAINING can also be provided by the most experienced members of our team to professionals and teams wishing to work effectively with clients living with personality disorders.

We enjoy working with people committed to personal development and we specialise in the provision of mindfulness training as a foundation of emotional well-being. As the interconnection of mind and body is proven to be undeniable we also organise MINDFULNESS BASED RETREATS and personal development programmes with elements of yoga and Pilates, mindful movement and equine-assisted therapy for our clients, the general public, and teams and organisations on the beautiful Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo.

We also provide CORPORATE SOLUTIONS, such as office-based courses and talks, residential intensives in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, courses in mental health awareness and tailor-made team-building retreats for companies and teams. Employers find that bringing mindfulness and other psycho-educational solutions into the workplace reduces stress and increases focus and resilience among their staff.

Browse our site for information about how you can benefit from our range of therapies or CONTACT US for a confidential discussion about the issues you are facing and how we may be able to assist.