HEAL DIFFERENTLY is a heart-opening programme that was carefully designed to provide you with a unique approach to personal growth, insight and healing. It involves the horse-human relationship, deeply healing bodywork Lomi Lomi Nui and modern mindfulness approaches.

This retreat offers memorable experiences and equips you with the skills you need to be fully present and at peace with yourself in your day to day life. Its focus is on emotional growth and learning, psychological exploration, enhancing relationships and awareness of the present moment.

The beautiful setting of the island of Gozo provides a peaceful and unspoilt backdrop for this transformative five night retreat.

Why Horses?
Horses' ability to read human emotion and their inherent honesty is perhaps why we look to them in difficult times. They provide mirrors of our emotions, ways of communicating and challenges we face in relationships and other aspects of our lives. Horses also teach us how to experience the serenity of the present moment and are known to provide scope for profound emotional processing and behavioural change. Used to help with a variety of issues from addiction to low self-esteem or post-traumatic stress disorder equine-assisted therapy has become a transformative tool for people seeking to work with deeper layers of their own minds and bodily memory. No riding experience is necessary and you won't be required to ride the horse at all. To find out more about how horses can help you accelerate your inner growth and healing click here.

Why Lomi Lomi Nui?
Lomi Lomi Nui is a metamorphic type of bodywork which was originally performed by Hawaiian masters to transform and balance all aspects of self. Lomi Lomi Nui facilitates a nurturing healing process that's been handed down through generations of Hawaiian families. It uses intuitive movement, stretching, breathing, rhythm and focused intention in long, flowing strokes up, down, under and over the body. Hands, elbows and forearms are used in dynamic, deep movements that mimic the ebb and flow of the ocean. In this metamorphic form of bodywork both the physical and the emotional bodies are worked on along with the subtle energies and emotions that influence them.

You will learn to:

  • Practice mindfulness formally and in your daily life
  • Cultivate the attitudes of mind that incline you toward compassionate engagement with yourself and the world
  • Handle emotions and challenging situations with greater ease
  • Be more embodied and connected to yourself and the world around you
  • Support yourself at times of difficulty or failure
  • Take steps towards appreciating yourself
  • Be less judgemental of yourself and others
  • Work with emotions skillfully in a body-oriented way

The heart-opening equine programme will enable you to:

  • Introduce yourself to and interact with horses
  • Participate in unique experiences and workshops designed around your specific needs and those of the group
  • Become more aware of your social and emotional patterns
  • Gain insight into some of your current or past places of 'stuckness'
  • Develop skills in problem-solving, teamwork and creative thinking
  • Experience increase in your confidence and self-esteem
  • Form a bond with a particular horse if you wish to
  • Explore your learning with the group or individual facilitators

To be confirmed

This retreat will be led by Luka Hadrych who is a qualified psychotherapist, DBT therapist and mindfulness teacher. The equine-assisted programme will be led by Victor Muscat, who holds a lifetime experience in managing and caring for horses and is experienced and certified in facilitating equine-assisted therapy and equine-assisted learning. He is a natural communicator with the horses and understands their language. Victor holds very particular bond with the herd and sees horses as his partners in facilitating programmes and healing modalities that he offers on his farm.


  • Shared twin room: £1,800
  • Single occupancy: £2,300
  • Reduced fee places at £900 are offered to people with their own accommodation arrangements in Gozo

10% discount for couples and other bookings in twos.

A limited number of non-participating partners are allowed on this retreat. Please contact us for details and to check availability.

The fee includes accommodation for 6 nights, mindfulness tuition and guided sessions, personal development programme with horses, 2-hour long Lomi Lomi Nui bodywork, three delicious meals a day and unlimited snacks and drinks. Participants are expected to arrange their own flights and travel/health insurance.

Other features and activities

  • Delicious and healthy meals (vegetarian and some seafood)
  • Amazing sound bath experience
  • Guided walks in nature
  • Access to private swimming pool
  • Accommodation with en-suite bathrooms

We will be staying at Pachamama Studio set in a traditional and inviting farmhouse in the village of Xaghra in Gozo. This spacious house has its own swimming pool and is conveniently located near the Ggantija temples and within walking distance to the Dreams of Horses Farm where part of our programme will be taking place. There are two double bedrooms available for couples.

Cancellation policy
In the event that you need to cancel your place, please let us know as soon as possible. Deposits are non-refundable, however, your place can be transferable. A place is reserved only when the 50% of the overall fee is sent as deposit. We reserve the right to make alterations to our events should the need arise.

We request that a non-refundable deposit is paid at the time of booking. The remaining amount is due 4 weeks prior to the retreat.