Employee Wellbeing

The Mind-Reframed programmes for organisations and teams aim to bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence to corporate settings in ways that meet their unique requirements. The programme is structured around evidence-based mindfulness meditations and clinically proven techniques in emotional resilience, which will be introduced to your employees by one of our trainers. These preventative measures can be valuable tools in assisting people to build and maintain concentration, boost productivity and support healthy minds. As part of the programme we are offering:

  • introductory mindfulness sessions (1 hour),
  • 6-session workshop in mindfulness and emotional intelligence (9 hours),
  • follow-up Skype sessions for participants as required.


Our programme aims to help your employees bring out the best in themselves and is rooted in the conviction that excellence comes from within, from self-knowledge and the mastery over one’s mind. We aim to positively impact workplaces by increasing focus and productivity, resilience, self-care and general wellbeing and equipping people in new ways of coping with stress and pressure.


Our programmes are primarily delivered via face-to-face workshops and are complemented by Skype sessions as required with the aim to consolidate learning and reinforce the continuous engagement and use of the learnt techniques. We are happy to explore how we can work with you to bring mindfulness to your workplace in a way that works for your organisation. Please contact us to arrange a meeting or a phone conversation.